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Parkside Capital invests in land on behalf of both private and institutional investors. The goal is to buy undervalued, core land assets that can be improved through entitlements including utilities, access improvements, floodplain mitigation, and environmental remediation. The investment goal is to obtain the value added entitlements over a two to five year period, then make a sale or sales to an end user or developer. Parkside Capital Land Fund is focused on adding long term value to each land parcel it owns. The Fund’s access to capital and its long-term strategy give it an advantage in the current market.

Stratford Land, through its land funds, works on behalf of investors who want to invest in land. Working much like a mutual fund with different stocks, Stratford Land builds a portfolio of different properties in its funds. Over time, and with proper management, it seeks to deliver a targeted rate of return to its investor. Once the land is acquired, Stratford Land secures entitlements, including zoning, land use permits, overlay districts, public road funding and other approvals to enhance the value of the property. In its work, Stratford Land always seeks to secure entitlements in a way that leaves the community satisfied with the result. Its success in doing so has won the respect of many communities.

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